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In Person Consultation

Sliding Scale Consulation

Initial (2hr)  $60-$100

Follow Up (1 hr)  $ 40 - 60

Initial Consultation 

An initial consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. 

You will be sent a thorough intake form when you schedule a consultation and this should be filled out and brought with you to our appointment. I will take a couple of minutes to look over this form while you get settled, and during the intake process we will likely revisit many of the questions of the form. It is also helpful if you are able to bring a medication list, and any supplements or herbal formulas that you are already taking. 

The initial intake will include a lot of in depth questions regarding your primary goals for seeing an herbalist, health history, diet, lifestyle, sleep, stress levels, etc. We will also go through each body system (e.g. digestive, nervous, skeletal/muscular, cardiovascular).  


With your permission I will feel the pulses in your wrists and look at your tongue (methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine) as a way of understanding your constitution and identifying imbalances. 

I will offer some initial dietary and lifestyle suggestions and we will schedule a follow-up appointment. Following the initial consultation I will formulate a customized herbal formula based on our intake, your goals, and my assessment of your energetic constitution. 


I will send clear instructions and  notify you when your formulas are ready. Formulas are at a sliding scale cost and pickup can be arranged at Grian Herbs in Montpelier.



Because healing is a process, and herbs offer deep support that often takes time, follow-ups are very necessary. At the minimum you should expect to have 2-3 follow-ups after the initial consultation  (approximately every 1-3 months) to assess how the herbs are supporting you and identify next steps. 

During follow-ups we will continue to re-assess energetics (using pulse and tongue) to see whether and how things are changing.

Relationship Reading

Long Distance Consultation

Sliding Scale Consulation

Initial (2hr)  $60-$100

Follow Up (1 hr)  $ 40 - 60

The Long Distance Consultation will very be similar in format to the above In Person Consultation.


You will receive the same intake form to complete and email or mail back to me before our appointment.  We will schedule a phone call or Skype appointment and this will include the same questions as the in-person consultation, but will include more questions about your energetics since I will not be able to feel your pulse or look at your tongue.

Following the initial consultation, I will come up with customized formula ideas which I will share with you via email. You will have the option of finding the ingredients yourself at a local apothecary or health-food store, or to get your formulas from Grian Herbs Apothecary and have them shipped to you at an additional cost.

yearly Transit Reading

Community Classes and Offerings

Price varies depending on request. 

 Community Classes
I offer community herbal classes on a range of topics including: reproductive and sexual health, birth and postpartum, Hashimoto's and other thyroid disorders, anxiety and stress, hormone regulation, using herbs in ritual, and to celebrate the Pagan year. 

Please be in touch if you'd like to be on a mailing list to know when classes are happening.


Custom Classes

By request I also offer custom classes to individuals, families, women's groups, small organizations, college, high school or middle school groups, homeschool groups, etc. See the list above for topic ideas. I am open to requests for other topics as well. 

I am excited to offer the following new services

Magical Herbal Spa (ideal for birthday parties, hen parties, graduations, etc.) 

Blessing Ways

Girls Rites of Passage 

Ritual Facilitation

If you are interested in any of the above offerings, please contact me for specifics. Thank you!

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