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 War·ren: A network of interconnecting rabbit burrows.
Why Choose Herbalism?
Herbalism has taught me the benefit of digging beneath the surface to find interconnections and identify underlying patterns. Herbalism is a gentle and effective way of getting to the root of imbalances that can impact our health, rather than just addressing symptoms. I believe that health encompasses so much more than physical well being and that healing is a complex and individual process that takes time and commitment. I also believe that finding ways to incorporate plants back into our lives is an incredibly important part of healing and reconnecting. I strive to practice herbalism as an empowered partnership with my clients, encouraging a sense of self-trust while breaking down the hierarchy that exists in many other health related fields. As an herbalist I offer the support and time to really listen to you and your story. Together we work towards your wellness goals with the guiding presence of the plants themselves. Herbalism can offer support in many areas including : 

Stress / Anxiety / Digestive Issues

Insomnia / Autoimmune Disorders / Fertility / Reproductive Health / Hormonal Dysregulation and more...

I can help you
Hannah Morgan, clinical hebalist Plainfield, V



I am a mom, clinical herbalist, nationally certified AEMT, farmer, homesteader, naturalist, priestess, and educator.

I live in Plainfield Vermont with my husband and beloved dog Freya. I graduated from the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in 2017 after completing an intensive 3 year clinical herbal training program.

From a young age I have found great peace and satisfaction from working with plants and have been continually drawn back to the gardens, fields and hedgerows. I am grateful for all the plants have taught me, and how much there is left to learn. I grew up in a beautiful patch of woods in Vermont, and have always had a deep love for wild places. I believe in our capacity for healing, and I believe in magic. I am passionate about fostering genuine connections between plants and people, and holding a gentle and safe space for clients to explore their own relationship to health.

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Tel: 802-359-3520
1260 Upper Rd. Plainfield, VT 05667

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